me fall 2013

Hi! My name is JoAnna Holt and I am the SassyRecycler. Sassy by nature, with the heart of an environmentalist, I created this name to represent my true self and created this blog  to help others to become more informed about the world around them. I have been researching environmental issues since I can remember. I am passionate about holistic wellness and I hold a Master’s degree is clinical mental health counseling.

I believe that in order to create BIG change, we must start small – with ourselves.

We live in a world surrounded by toxic things – chemicals, food, beauty products, pollutants, and even people! I hope to inspire you to become more aware and educated about these toxins and how they impact you and your family on a daily basis. Start the journey, with me as your personal Coach, to learn how to take action to replace these toxins, reduce their presence in your life, or eliminate them completely!

Remove toxins from your body through the food you eat, the medicine you take, and the body products you use.

Remove toxins from your home by replacing “normal” commercial products we use to clean, decorate, and create a home.

Remove  toxic thoughts and toxic people from your life! (I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and know that you can’t be the best version of yourself if you aren’t happy.)

My belief is that when you begin to remove these toxins from your life, you will be impacting the greater environment. Your small steps, will be reducing the amount of toxins going into the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the soil we grow food from. We’re all connected!


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  1. Travis Burns · April 9, 2014

    I want to be like you when I grow up!!

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