Green Can be Glamorous


Photo By: JessF26

I was at a great local vegetarian restaurant in town last weekend, looking stylish while I ate my delicious veggie burger – the one and only veggie burger I’ve ever liked! I was alone, people watching and realized that a lot of the women in the restaurant looked like your stereotypical “hippie mom.” Wild untamed hair, baggy and plain clothes, minimal if no makeup and it hit me – you don’t have to look like a vegetarian to be a vegetarian, you don’t have to look like a farmer to have your own garden and grow your own food, and you don’t have to look basic and recycled to live in an environmentally friendly way!

Green can be glamorous!

So I’ve decided that this will be a reoccurring destination on my blog – a place to revisit often and discover new products and information to incorporate into your daily lives to be environmentally friendly and keep your quality of life! 🙂

Let’s start today with someone that epitomizes this idea: Miranda Kerr. You know, Miranda Kerr, the supermodel. The Victoria’s Secret Angel. Google her. If that’s not a perfect picture of glamorous, I don’t know what is!

In 2009, Miranda created Kora Organics, her own line of organic skin care products. Not satisfied with any of the organic skin care lines on the market back then, she decided to start her own using ingredients that she had raised around in rural Australia. She understands the impact of what we put on our skin can have not only on our beauty, but our body and health. According to the Kora website:

“Did you know that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin by using her skin care products in one day? Did you know that 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into your bloodstream? These are two of the main reasons that organic skincare is one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry today. The more we learn about the bitter side effects of unhealthy skincare, the more quickly we will seek out other options.”

The ingredients in her products include many natural essential oils, Noni fruit (a powerful antioxidant and one of the key “secret” ingredients), aloe vera, and water that is infused with the energy of Rose Quartz. Not something you would expect from a Victoria’s Secret Angel huh? Throw those stereotypes out the window! Green can beautiful. Green can be smart. Green can be glamorous!!

I think this may be my first purchase:

luxurious-rosehip-oil_1Luxurious Rosehip Oil